Monday, January 15, 2018

New Books - Bow with Unity-Benefactors of Orphans and Widows and Enlightenment and Ritual-Awakening to True Identity from Sanskrit and Hebrew Sources

Today, we have two new books coming out. Each book is introduction to our first book in this series, Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark.  The center truth explored in each book is the ancient concepts of Enlightenment and Awakening of higher mind. See our last article for a complete view of the central truth found in each book-One Mind-One Heart-One Unity.

1) Bow with Unity-Benefactors of Orphans and Widows

2) Two Book Set-Enlightenment and Ritual-Awakening to True Identity from Sanskrit and Hebrew Sources

Bow with Unity emerged from our last book, Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark, as an introduction to one concept hidden and veiled by countless cultures from antiquity-One Mind, One Heart, One Unity. This simple three-part foundation for enlightenment and awakening of higher consciousness is easily understood, but often takes lifetimes to accomplish by cultivation and practice. What we attempt to do in this book is show the clear path to this foundation from contemplation and meditation around hidden and esoteric truths found in all areas of mystical thought. With four books, we attempt to outline this mystery in three stages of understanding. The four books in this set of related material are in sequence of depth and rigor.

1. Enlightenment and Ritual - Introduction and two-book set outlining basic concepts of awakening of higher consciousness. In the book, Ritual, hidden symbolism reveals the basis for all ritual in religions around the world.  Once you see the point of ritual, you then realize it in every aspect of your life. With the opening book in this set, Enlightenment reveals the clear path to understanding the basis for realizing what is most often hidden from students of meditation and study. If you seek, you find. 

What we attempt to do with these four books is provision of a resource we wish we had for my own search into these mysteries. The value of this information is seen by the light of the time you will save in your own question for Enlightenment and understanding of these timeless truths.

2. Bow with Unity - This book expands the ideas found in the book above, showing the foundation for human unity and nature. In this book, we use the first six chapters of the Diamond Sutra to reveal the hidden and veiled meaning behind all Buddhist Sutras. 

3. Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark - Bow with Unity is the basic information needed to then understand Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark, which provides a basis for realizing the symbolically written information outlined in this book.  The primary components of this book link the Ten Dimensions of reality to a textbook for understanding the veiled Sanskrit and Hebrew mystery.  Sanskrit is a feminine language, while Hebrew is a masculine language. Sanskrit explains the inner microcosmic mystery, while Hebrew reveals the outer macrocosmic mystery. Together, we combine both to show one new thing--The Son of God and Buddha body we all wear.  

We are glad you have considered this book as an introduction to the other four. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Book - Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark

If you are arriving here from the pages of our new book, Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark, find a quick reference and summary here. Below, find the three primary modes of Enlightenment (Three Refuges). From this, our book explains this within the 10 Dimensions and Worlds we all occupy, which are based on the ten worlds of Buddhism. Far from being a Buddhist or Christian view, this book shows the beauty of both. When two are made one, something new is born. 

We would also like to announce the companion book, Bow with Unity - Benefactors of Orphans and Widows. The new book will be out on Amazon in a few short weeks, and is a simplified version of Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark. The idea behind the companion book is the development of the foundation we are promoting. See the rest of this post to realize this simple truth.


While Hebrew is a masculine language, Sanskrit is a feminine language. Only by valuing the relatives do we come to understand the unity between. LOVE bridges the gap, allowing unity to revel the true church and assembly of humanity.

1. Right View by True Identity of Love (GOD)

2. Right Nature by True Identity with Love (GOD)

3. Right Unity with all other Sparks (Relatives to GOD)

BUDDHA (awake)
DHARMA (universal nature)
SANGHA (unity with Absolute)

Ten Non-virtues:

1) Desire and Covetousness (wrong Unity)
2) Ill Will and Anger (wrong Nature)
3) Wrong View (wrong Identity)

4) Taking Life
5) Taking Possessions
6) Lust
7) Lying
8) Divisive Speech
9) Harsh Words
10) Gossip

If the first three non-virtues are overcome, the lower seven are removed.  By this, we must embody the new refuges of Awakened Mind, Awakened Nature and Awakened Realization of Relatives.  In unity with this universal view, one Absolute Enlightenment is realized (LOVE).  Only by identifying our own inner truth can we come to know the Sattva (True Being) we were created to realize.  By above, of course, I am referring to the ten dimensions of reality, where the mind projects images and forms though time. In truth, each of us are all ten dimensions above and below. 

The primary insight of our new book reveals the ten dimensions of reality by chapter, starting with chapter 10 and ending at chapter 1.  Here is a handy reference to the ten dimensions and worlds of Enlightenment.  Realize, YOU (and all of us) are all ten dimensions in one.  The part contains the whole and the whole contains the parts.  We are each the same within this realized identity. Once you know, your strength of character is realized in Wisdom--Prajnaparamita

From the Book: Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark
Universal Dimensional Structure

10 – Absolute Mind of Invariance
Neutral / Positive Unmanifest (Dzogchen)

MIND (Sattva/Arūpa-loka) – Brahma - Israel
Mind in Translational Image Mirrored

9 – Bodhisattva - Folded Mind as Image of Absolute
8 – Realization - Branching Mind into Relative
7 – Learning - Line of Relatives into Time
TIME (Rajas/Kāmaloka) – Vishnu - Babylon
Image of Mind into Time

6 – Heaven - Folded Timelines of All Beings –
Mara is Ruler (indeterminate wave function)

5 – Humanity - Branching Timelines of All Beings –
Each Manu Chooses (collapse of wave function)

4 – Anger - Line of Time into Form – Yama Judges

SPACE (Tamas/Rūpaloka) – Shiva - Egypt
Image of Process as Shadow of Mind into Form

3 – Animality - Form (3D Object)

2 – Hunger - Branch of line (2D Plane)

1 – Hell - Line (1D Line)

New Books - Bow with Unity-Benefactors of Orphans and Widows and Enlightenment and Ritual-Awakening to True Identity from Sanskrit and Hebrew Sources

Today, we have two new books coming out. Each book is introduction to our first book in this series, Thus Saith the Flame to the Spark .  T...