Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Essence of Enlightenment and Meditation - Finding the Higher Mind

There are three markers of Enlightenment and the Awakened Mind. In English, these markers are where our mind takes refuge from the Darkness of Ignorance. I will also give the same witness to you in Sanskrit. Much of what I say here will reveal the truth of Buddhism, which is mostly hidden to those who are asleep to the true nature of things. Rather than religion, consider the language and meaning as it reveals the illusion. Here are the three markers.


In Sanskrit, these markers are:


-BUDH means, "to awaken."
-DHARMA means, "Universal Nature of all things as one.
-SANGHA means, "The Assemebly in Unity."

-CHRIST, or Identity with the Father
-NATURE, or Love
-CHURCH, or Assembly

Compare our identity and unity above as BUDH, or the process to awaken from the illusion of ignorance. The mother of Buddha is Maya, or Illusion. When a person awakens to their nature, what do they find? Unity with all that is. The Assembly are all the relatives in this process, or the Unity of all beings as one. The markers of this realization are, again, Identity (Who am I?), Nature (What is my true Being?) and Unity (Who is the Self and Other?)

Above us by dimension, our higher mind is in a state of quiet meditation, which is the Sanskrit word for Mankind (Manu). Manu in Sanskrit means, "To Think." Your Sattva (True Being ) above is in the mode of being which cannot experience anything less than bliss and complete love while meditating. Below, the illusion this higher mind projects is the world you create. When the lower mind meditates in this world of illusion, it calms the image of creation below to awaken the mind above (BUDH). The Mother giving life to the mind above is the illusion below, which is broken when a person reaches their nature above.

Here is the key to this: When the nature below mirrors the nature above in Love, both lights above and below agree. Love only recognizes Love. Like only recognizes like. When we cultivate our nature below, the higher mind and lower mind become one. Slowly, we bring our higher mind back into this world and are awake to it.

Now you know. The next question to answer regards the nature of our collective nature: Is the self we all share (each individual 'purduring self') many, or am 'I' simply the only mind that exists? The answer to the future self is found by considering one small fact about the Absolute mind in creation: Can the Absolute be all things without its own Assembly of Relatives? Answer this and you know why you will always be all things and you at the same time. We each have this gift. One and Many, but never a single mind alone.  The goal is our arrival back to the first face giving us life (your own true Sattva).

Welcome to you if you understand this mystery of identity in an image.  The answer to this is the answer to creation's design and goal: cultivation of individual nature, which is the return to perfection (first glory). From this view, nothing is earned, but merely rediscovered.  From this process, individuation of our first face--Sattva (true being).  

Now, for the keys to the mystery, read John 17.  Who becomes the Glory of the Son?  What was his glory before creation?  Why must he forgive us?  Why must we forgive him?  The answer to each question is the identity and nature of our Father--God is Love.  Love only recognizes itself in the mirror, which then becomes your identity restored once realized. Death of the lower chaff leaves the seed planted on new ground.  You are BOTH chaff and seed, which then gives away the parable of the wheat and tares (Matthew 13:24-30).