Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Key to I Heart Huckabees - Symbolism of Enlightenment

I recently watched the movie, I Heart Huckabees.  Here are the simple keys to understanding what the movie portrays.  The following is a comment I recently posted on YouTube.  Enjoy!  


The theme of this movie is enlightenment and the death of the ego. The unity of all beings is the blanket. The three aspects of enlightenment are Identity, Nature and Unity, as you will read in my books on the subject. Mark Walburg is the conscience, or default mode network and negativity bias (fire fighter / Accuser / Satan) of Jason Schwartzman (consciousness / dweller in Samsara). Lilly Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman are the higher nature (both male and female), which represent the higher mind with its consort (wisdom). In all Eastern traditions, we create with a consort. Using the Ego as a consort, we create graven images. With Wisdom as a consort, true creation takes place.

Dustin and Lilly are the silent watchers above Samsara (Sattva). Below, they are all characters as guides helping the dweller on the threshold learn to overcome the Ego. Below, all characters are personifications of the main character (Jason Schwartzman). The Ego of Jason is Jude Law. The Ego's voice and identity are the girl spokesmodel for the company, Naomi Watts. SHE is the true identity / consort of Jason, but only when the false image is killed (false consort of the Ego). Both male and female must be refined separated (Adam / Eve). Why does Naomi and Mark Walburg fall for each other? The conscience is silenced when the Ego dies. This is our true nature finding its consort, or the mind (both male and female) agreeing. LOVE!

The death of the Ego and the return of the identity (Naomi Watts) to center bring enlightenment, which is when Naomi returns to her first nature. She drops the false identity, but is then tricked into desiring it again by the Ego (Jude Law). Eventually, all the anger and ill will of Jason Schwartzman is nullified once the ego dies, which then allows him to again control the board of directors (running the company of relatives). The company represents desire and production in the world. He then runs the company again (the relatives in the blanket). Love replaces greed, false identity and ego, which brings back open spaces and nature. This is enlightenment. Identity, Nature and Unity.

All characters in this show are aspects of the one character, which is always center of the universe. We all have these three aspects at war on the inside. Finding enlightenment is finding Identity (the blanket), Nature (Love and not Ill Will) and Unity, which only happens when the false identity dies (Ego Death / Jude Law losing control of the company).

It is revealed that Light (Dustin and Lilly) are working with (in unity with) Darkness (the French guide who shows up to explain the relative nothingness to everything), which IS the Blanket covering us from knowing who we truly are. Both are necessary to understand the whole, or what the Bible calls the knowledge of good and evil. Having this knowledge and wisdom then gives you your consort back, which is the essence of knowing who you are as all characters, ending your wrong nature and finding unity from right nature. Ego must die, which is Jude Law at the end of the movie.

Knowing who you are is Identity as the blanket, nature as the function of the blanket and unity as part of the whole. Snuggle up and watch the movie again.

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