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Satan in Sanskrit does not Mean Truth - Dispelling the Myth

Across the internet, there are many websites and forums falsely stating that Satan in Sanskrit means Truth or True.  While words like Sattva, Satya and Sat do mean truth, the word Satan in Sanskrit is Satanu, or the following meanings below.  As you would expect, the idea is closer to possession of a body or cutting down a fallen tree.  In Hebrew, the meaning is outlined here with an article I put together on the Hebrew word root, STN.  The same meaning applies.  See my article on this topic. Here are the Sanskrit meanings:

The Fallen Body of Manu (Manu means, 'to think')

A soul embodied here in a material body is the concept of immersion into the lower waters (baptism), or the Sanskrit concept of Samsara.  Samsara is immersion into the lower six domains (Gunas are 3 modes of being: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas). The lower two domains Rajas and Tamas, or passion and ignorance.  Truth is mind only, or the Sattva Guna as the upper mode above time and space (above Rajas and Tamas). In other words, the lower six worlds of Rajas and Tamas are Hell, Hungry Ghost, Animality, Anger, Human and Heaven.  In total, there are 10 worlds.  Sattva guna is the higher world of mind only, or Learning, Realization, Bodhisattva and the 10th world of Buddha, or awakened mind.  All 10 worlds are the true being of Sattva. As we are informed in countless Sutras, the human represents all 10 worlds as one world of Buddha / Brahman.  Above and below are the same practice to mastery as we meditate, or think.  Manu means, 'to think'.

Brahman is the creative mind of God.  Vishnu is the Avatar of the Atma (each higher being), or Vishnu as the sustainer.  Shiva is the liberator of the Atman back to Sattva, or Mind only.  See these terms by their definitions on Wikipedia for more.  From the Hebrew context, Brahman is the Father (EL).  Vishnu and Shiva are the Lord of the Host avatars, or the sustainer and liberator of the host.  The Son of God is the Lord of both the Old Testament and the New.  God the Father is Elohim, resting in Genesis 2 before Satan is made by the Son in Genesis 3:1.  Why did the Lord (Son of God) make Satan cunning (Arumim) and mankind naked (Arum)?  The conscience (accuser) must be clothed with knowledge to accuse man of sin.  See this article on the Lord's hidden identity as the Self: Yahweh is the Son and so are YOU

Why Samsara and Baptism (beasts in the flood of Noah - see 1 Peter 3)

The essence of this immersion is rising to new life, or the Hebrew concept of the word STN (Satan), which means roughly, "in support of the fallen one." In Sanskrit, Maya is illusion, or Buddha's birth mother.  Breaking the illusion is passing to Heaven out of the womb of Samsara, then learning, realization, Bodhisattva and finally, BUDH, or fully awakened.  As the school of thought goes, all are Buddha.  We will all pass through the lower world of Yama, or the ruler of the underworld.  Yama means, 'self-control,' or the judge of man.  The Hebrews called Yahweh Yama during their Babylonian captivity, recorded in 200 cuneiform tablets.  Yama is well known as an aspect of the Lord as judge of mankind, or the Lord of Hosts.

Children Eventually Find Santa and Christmas

Breaking the illusion reveals who rested in Adam in Genesis 2.  Read the head of Genesis 2 to see that the Elohim rested from all of their work, which is when you meet the Son of God, or Yahweh.  When a person awakens, they become the 'good man' of Sanskrit, or Santa.  Santa breaks the illusion of Christmas, so to speak, and finds the Mother and Father inside.  This is finding the Elohim who rested in Genesis 2, right there inside us all.  God is both male and female as the image of Adam, or Elohim and Ruach (breath and spirit) Elohim.  God is one undivided, both male and female.  "Let US make Adam in OUR image and likeness."  God and his Spirit (mind).  One mind, many thoughts.  One blood, many veins.  One breath, many breathing.  From one, many.  Merry Christmas if you get it.  Here is the important takeaway:  We are ALL the house of God's Sprit, or his mind and consciousness.  Consciousness is breath. The mind is regulated by the incoming and outgoing breath, which has a mediator in the form of the accuser (mediator of cause and effect).

The Conscience is the Accuser and Adversary   

All definitions in Sanskrit are called the 'Great Mother,' or Maya as illusion of Samsara.  The Mother is the inner person, so the accuser is easily seen as the conscience of the lower mind.  The Hebrew text is the outer story of the Father and Son in the wilderness of life.  In the case we discuss here, support is for the benefit of the one in the body, or the suffering soul finding its Sattva, or true being.  Satan is defined as the accuser, or what we all have in the karmic body:  A Conscience

Satan is the accuser of your sin in Samsara, which is karma.  Karma is not possible above Samsara, so beings are immersed into the fallen domain to learn about their own mind, or the definition of Manu (to think). This is meditating on the breath, or thinking about what comes in and goes out as Spirit acting.  Satan is the life and death of the body by sin, or the accuser of our karma.  Like Shiva, death liberates us back to our true higher mind of Sattva (true being).  It's the requirement of being born again and baptized into the body of Christ, or the cross you wear.  Open your arms wide.  You hang on the accuser of your sin and it will perish.  Your Atman can never perish or be harmed.  It's eternal and immortal.

Sattva is your truth being above, or the Atman.  Jiva is your lower nature in Samsara, which will pass away as an illusion.  Jivatman is your individual soul, or the self once the Jiva and Atman individuate back to the original Sattva, or true being.  Above, no Karma.  Below, accusation of karma and the payment of debt. Who made Satan in Genesis 3:1?  Yama, or Yahweh.  The ruler of the underworld in the form of the Lord and his Host.  Support.  There is one goal of creation:  To Love and support mankind.  God is Love.  As 1 John 4 states clear, if we do not have Love, we do not have God.  Love only recognizes itself.  Between the time we find Love and the time we live as a fallen being, we find our true being again.  Sattva is the true being above facing the Father.      

Without the shedding of blood, there can be no remission of sin.  

Matthew 18:20 - Parable of the Lost Sheep and Child of God in Heaven

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven."

You are the child, or the greatest in Heaven (see the full context to this verse).  Below, in Samsara, you are the child.  Above, you are the Angel facing the Father (Sattva).  Jiva below.  Atman above.  Both.

Matthew 22:30 - Marriage of the Jiva and Atman as one Sattva

At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.

As John 3 states, you are first born of water, then Spirit.  Water is Samsara.  We are born many times and die many times below.  Above, we can only be born once after the resurrection of the dead.  We have one birth above.  Below, illusion is as practice only, which is seen by defining illusion in Latin, which means, 'at play'.  Both true for marriage and in life out of the womb, we practice below in simulation of our one and only marriage and birth in Sattva above.  TRUTH!

To get this straight, learn the essence of the first religion.  From this, simply know the root of your true Identity, Nature and Unity with the whole of creation, which is what this blog is designed to reveal.  Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist or Christian is not as significant as knowing the truth behind all perennial religions of the Heart. All is good and all is God.  You are this.  You are that.  One.  See the video below.

Satan in Sanskrit does not mean truth, but it is part of the truth that sets you free from your accuser and conscience.  How?  Overcoming the illusion is the path out of the conscience and back to the God of Truth above this place of fallen mind.  You are not the fallen one, but the loved one of God: Good man and Manu thinking when you realize the truth. 

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