Saturday, January 9, 2021

New Book: Passages-Tripping in the Forest of Illusions (True Fiction Time Trip)

 I have a new true fiction book coming called Passages-Tripping in the Forest of Illusions.  I expect to publish this by March or maybe earlier.  For now, enjoy a brief intro to the book:

This book is a true fiction time trip; a SciFi comedy, and philosophical discourse revealing the nature and underpinnings of reality. The book tells the story of Yuvan ‘king; heir apparent’, a young lad finding himself in the Kingdom of the Immortals. Emptied of his previous memories, he becomes refilled with new knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about reality, rediscovering his true Identity, nature, and unity with his love, Sophia.

Throughout the story, Yuvan receives hidden guidance  rom a light being known as Jivasatma ‘Jiva as living breathing being; Atma as in higher self’. With Jivasatma’s
help, Yuvan discovers Sophia ‘personified as Wisdom’, who is his soulmate in eternity. Guided toward this goal, an ongoing discourse is presented to Yuvan from an ancient Sage known as Sattva the Wise ‘The True Being of reality’. Upon arriving in the Kingdom of the Eternal Immortal, Yuvan learns the parallel life story of Eshan Darsh ‘Shiva as liberator and Krishna as the avatar’, an elderly man sitting on a park bench next to a tree with a rope in his hand and a book in the other. Time-traveling to the birth of Eshan, Yuvan learns Eshan’s life story from the position of the watcher.  Shifting back and forth in various ways between the Kingdom of the Immortals, which is a timeless reality, and Eshan’s temporal life on Earth, Yuvan learns of his own true identity, nature, and unity with Absolute existence.

The story in this book is finally a love story between Yuvan and his soul mate Sophia. To gain Sophia as his own, he must control his nature, learn his true identity as one with her own and finally emerge from the story a complete being. The primary star of this story is none of the characters you would expect. To know this, and the many unexpected twists to the story, you will need to read the book twice.

The first time through the book, you will be unaware of the significance of countless facts hidden from your view. After learning the twist to the story, you will then do as Yuvan did when time-traveling to Eshan’s story. You will need to reread the book from your new perspective, now having eyes to see and ears to hear. The comedy in the story then multiplies exponentially with the new view provided by the context of the twists at the end. You will be somewhat lost the first time through, but this is the point. The mystery is the true reason for the narrative. Once you solve the mystery, the book then comes alive.

As an introduction to this book, it will be necessary to give a brief history of religions influencing the content itself. Religions share a common theme of redemption from the material and delivery of the child to the transcendental spiritual realm, which is a concept known as Henosis, or Apotheosis. When the child is ready, the infant becomes more than a child trapped in the material school of life.

The narrative of this book follows a broad array of religious views including Hinduism, Buddhism, Hermetica, Taoism, and the key to all four—The Christian story of the Advent of the Son, or his own transit back to unity with the Father. All religions hold keys to the understanding of the prime Son’s Advent and how this relates to mankind, which is all of us as the host of the Lord. By bringing all of these keys together, a full understanding is revealed by the mystery of the Advent. The narrative of each religion is required in this story, bringing the reader an entirely new perspective to our hidden life in the Spiritual realms above.

Just as it will be necessary to read this book more than once to see the mystery hidden in the narrative, so too it will be necessary to reread your own life story in relation. This is a great book to show that we truly know nothing at all, and that’s okay. The point is not to know, but to gain understanding and wisdom from the journey of an incomprehensibly complicated, yet very simple reality. My attempt in this book is simple: to use real accounts from the history of religious experience to humorously elucidate the ineffable view we lack here in creation below. Of course, my view is incomplete, but astonishing details emerge about creation when the mind is free to imagine. This is the point of the book.

As the passages state, knowledge is free. Wisdom and understanding come at a price. Once we gain the latter two, the former knowledge is replaced with absolute. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Trust must first be gained, which is the primary element of our story concerning Sophia and Yuvan finding their own faithful relationship based on love’s law. For those wanting to explore the religious aspects of this book, I will briefly describe a limited religious view below, giving pointers to ideas necessary for your research. 

I cannot use the pages of this book to fill in the blanks, but the story will do this nicely. Do a bit of research to inform yourself before the story begins. As well, research the many Sanskrit words used throughout the book for broader understanding. Rather than judge me for my view, develop your view according to your unique passages through life. 

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